About the Author

Elisabeth Edwards was born in Devon, United Kingdom, and emigrated to Australia in 1971. She lives in Orange, New South Wales. She completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of New England, majoring in South Asian History and French. Now retired from full-time work as a journalist, she still edits manuscripts and writes on history, travel and food.

Her other published works are: Starting Over: Migrants Tell Their Stories; Weapons to Whitegoods: Celebrating Email's Fifty Years in Orange; A Good Neighbour: Orange Community and Information Centre Celebrates 25 Years; Flavours of the Four Seasons (with Yolanda Torrisi - recipes); Passage of Bones: In Search of a Georgian Queen.

She says of Half A World Away: "This book comes straight from the heart. I feel privileged to have been able to work with post-war migrants and through this book help the wider public appreciate the hardships, pleasures and pains of the migrant experience."


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Sincere thanks to the following people and organisations who have contributed in a variety of ways to the success of the Orange Migration Heritage Project and the book and exhibition 'Half a World Away'.

  • Arts NSW
  • Migration Heritage Centre NSW
  • Orange City Council, in particular Community Liaison Adviser Alison Russell, Jasmine Vidler, Kay McNamara
  • Orange City Council's Technical Services Division, and Brian Corby
  • Orange Regional Gallery
  • Orange City Library
  • Orange City Council's Museum Adviser
  • Kylie Winkworth
  • National Archives of Australia, Canberra
  • Assiye Keskin of the State Library of NSW
  • Researcher and author Elisabeth Edwards
  • Photographer Alf Manciagli
  • Kira Brown and the staff of Sauce Design
  • Gabriella Hegyes

For contributing information and lending photographs: Andy Auld, Suzan Dickson, Paul Fanning, Jenny Ferns, Maria and Sam Golfin, Chrissa Gryllis, Frank Hoy, Peter Matheson, Ray Rauchle, Bruce Sampson, Michelle van Thiel, Aaltje van Thiel, Les and Dot Warburton.

Migrants and their families who told their stories and lent their memoirs, objects and photographs: Alicia Arumets, Katy Babij, Elizabeth Baronson, Gunter Behns, Peter Bilenkij, Willie and Hilde Bittkow, Arthur Bobeldyk, Baz Bobeldyk, Henny Bobeldyk, Ferdi Boers, Wendy Bondaruk, Wasyl and Rosalia Borschtsch, Gregory Bredun, George Bugil, Bob Center, Steve Center, Pasqua Centofanti, Andy Combis, John Crasti, the late Antonio Cunial, Joe and Tarsilla Cunial, Zina D'Aquino, Eileen Davidson, Cecilia Dzikov, Anna Earnshaw, Joe Frelih, Max Fricke, Jim Giameos, Shura Gilbert, Chris and Mosha Gryllis, Chrissa Gryllis and Michael Gryllis, Lucy Grzejszczak, John Hammond, Olesia Herasemiuk, Luba Hilbrink, John Kich, Olga Kich, Leon and Ludmilla Kiho, Bill and Henny Kloosterman, Sam and Helen Lihos, Mary Manyweathers, Elisabeth Miller, Roman Moroz, Helen Mulligan, Alex Rezko, Mary Ristvej, Lou Rochelli, Maria Rossetto, Zac Rossi, Henk Runeman, Johanna Salt, Boris Schlensky, Marie Sekutkovski, Tony Siemer, Brunhilde Srejic, Alfreda Srnec, Helen Sumegi, Efthemia Venardos.

Thank you also to those who have contributed in a small way, they are far too many to be named.